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During the initial planning of an event people generally overlook the magnificent ambience that professional lighting solutions can provide. When lighting is applied in the correct way it can add a magical atmosphere to any occasion. The application of lighting can not only enhance ambience but can also add additional dimensions to any event. Blacka Acoustics has a huge selection of state of the art lighting for hire, which will guarantee an unforgettable visual experience for both you and your guests.

At Blacka Acoustics we partner with the world’s leading lighting technology manufacturers and stock a huge range of lighting equipment that is available for hire for a broad variety of events. We specialise in all types of events, everything from stage lighting, disco scanners, to outdoor lighting and other equipment for bands/concerts and corporate events. We also stock a wide range of LED Lighting which can seamlessly change colour providing a dreamlike mood effect to any type of event.

Whether the function is in your home, garden, venue, conference room, grounds, hall or anything else, we cater for all the different types of event lighting you would ever need. We can help your event create an atmosphere that will astonish people and we can also provide fully qualified lighting engineers that will suggest setups to create ambience and mood in your venue to match your event. Lighting systems can be dry hired (pickup only) or delivered and installed by

Intelligent Lighting  
Martin Mac250 Krypton Profile Moving Light
Martin Mac250 Wash Moving Light
Martin Mac550 Profile Moving Light
Martin Pro 400 Colour Changer
LED Par56 RGB colour mixing
Chroma Q Colour Punch LED wash light IP65
The Following Optional Extras Are Available
Follow Spots, Star Cloths, Scanners, Flying Motors, Spotlights, Up Lighting, Down Lighting
Please contact us for rates.