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DBX DriveRack PA

The DBX DRIVE RACK P A Complete Equalization & Loudspeaker Control System. Ensures optimal loudspeaker system management in PA-specific applications.

The DBX DRIVE RACK P A was designed with the purpose and vision of providing state-of-the-art signal processing, while utilizing a simple and intuitive user interface. This goal has been achieved by offering two independent channels of processing power with a linkable 28-Band Graphic equalizer, industry-standard dbx stereo compressor module, feedback eliminator and the 120A Subharmonic Synthesizer on the input, with a six channel output system that includes parametric EQs, and Peak Plus limiters (which are used to provide protection against speaker blowouts) and alignment delay.

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DBX DriveRack 480
The DBX 480 Complete Equalization Loudspeaker Management System with 4 inputs & 8 outputs. The ultimate in loudspeaker management technology.

The DBX 480 is designed to be the only device necessary between the mixer and the power amps, DBX DriveRacks are all-inclusive loudspeaker management systems versatile enough to suit any sound reinforcement, monitoring, or install application. The 480 includes 4 inputs and 8 outputs on XLR connectors. Each channel has EQ in the form of a 9-band parametric or a 31-band graphic and notch filters. The 480 also features a filter set that can be used to create a Highpass, Lowpass or Bandpass filter. Dynamics processing is available on all channels with a Compressor/Limiter that emulates the classic dbx 160. The output section of the 480 offers delay, output level and phase compensation. Two real time analyzers can be run simultaneously with RTA source inputs capable of being remotely switched on the fly on channels three and four.

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DBX DriveRack 4800

The DriveRack 4800 is the next generation of the famous DriveRack family, and like its predecessor it is engineered to provide “Everything you need between the mixer and the power amps”.

In keeping with this philosophy the 4800 includes four inputs and eight outputs with both analog and digital connectivity. The 96 kHz processing engine is capable of offering insert processing functions to customize the processing path for your application, in addition to the standard system processing functions all with extremely low latency and extended frequency response.

From Signal Routing, EQ, and Bandpass Filters, to classic dbx® Dynamics and Feedback Suppression all the processing is available and with the sonic excellence that you would expect from the world's leading system processing manufacturer. With all this processing power available, control is of paramount importance.

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