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Allen & Heath Xone 62

This 6-channel professional DJ mixer has becomethe industry standard for club and bar installations worldwide. As a purebred club mixer, it has truly raised the bar in terms of DJ mixer audio quality and has also quickly become the mixer of choice for many of the world’s greatest DJ’s, thanks to its pristine sound and creative tool set.

The mixer is bristling with features to make DJ’s drool: from the 4 band EQ - which means you can get more creative with your mix - to the phenomenal VCF filters; the aux send to incorporate external FX into the mix; the 10 stereo inputs, which allow connection to up to 4 turntables and 2 mics with keyboards, samplers, CD and MP3 players; and the split cue feature, allowing you to hear the main mix in one ear and the track you’re cueing in the other.

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Pioneer DJM 800

The DJM-800 gives you freedom of creativity and digital control at your fingertips. The DJM-800 is a powerful 4 channel 96kHz / 24 bit digital mixer that’s complemented by 61 assignable MIDI control channels.

It features 'Harmonic Mixing’, a landmark innovation that detects a track’s key and automatically aligns it to the closest true key, removing inaccuracies created when adjusting the pitch. The DJM-800 displays a wide variety of effects, such as ‘filter’, ‘sweep’ and ‘crush’ effects through a highpass/lowpass filter, notch filter and bit crusher effect for all line channels.

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Pioneer EFX1000

The Pioneer EFX1000 has been developed with the help of some of the world's leading DJs and club installers, the Pioneer EFX1000 is the world's first DJ effects unit to deliver 24 Bit/96kHz digital sampling, using 32 Bit digital sound processing.

This ensures a vastly improved audio quality in comparison to the other effectors currently available, while the impressive variety of on-board effects – including Delay, Echo, Trans, Flanger and Phaser – means that professionals can enjoy the widest-ever scope for creativity in their mixes

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