Allen and Heath Select Blacka Acoustics for Custom iLive Flight Cases  

Allen and Heath are a world renowned manufacturer of professional audio consoles, from the Mix Wizard to the new state of the art, iLive digital mixers, Allen and Heath are simply world class. Allen and Heath’s new range of digital mixers are superfluous for the end user and the new digital range are as sturdy and reliable as ever. iLive puts the audio processing right where it is needed - on or near the stage. The DSP is in the Mix- Rack, keeping latency to a minimum and giving you the freedom to choose how you control the mix. iLive provides comprehensive on-board signal and FX processing, so there is no need for expensive and heavy outboard equipment racks. This not only saves space, but reduces preparation time, and cuts back overheads too! Bulky and expensive multicores are a thing of the past, as cabling between the console and Mix-Rack is CAT5.

Martin Daley is Allen and Heath’s UK sales manager has been an industry professional for over 30 years and is well aware that as with all professional tour equipment these amazing new consoles need to be well protected when in transit. In cases that are built to with stand the many unforeseen circumstances that may arise during a multi venue tour. Martin Daley has been using Blacka Acoustics flight cases for many years. The cases are absolutely robust and solid, each case is hand crafted and the turn around time is fantastic''. Martin was so impressed with the flight cases, we designed for the iLive 80 and iLive 112 demonstration models, he now informs all his customers to select Blacka Acoustics for their flight case needs.

Blacka Flight cases are all hand made with Diamond board wood and top quality castors and grip handles. Each case is manufactured to the highest standards in protection technology and guaranteed against resistance to shock and damage. Each Blacka Flight case carries an industry leading five year guarantee.The cases are attractively designed, made for user durability and ease of transportation. Manufactured from only the highest quality materials, each custom case provides the quality assured by hand assembly. Custom units are available and can be manufactured on request. Each Blacka flight case is available in three different weights determined by the thickness of the wood, aluminum and accessories used.

If you have a product that needs to be protected during transit please email tim@blackaacoustics.co.uk


Blacka Acoustics iLive Custom Flight case