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Initially founded as a manufacturer of speaker systems for some of the world’s leading sound companies. You can rest assured that Blacka Acoustics have a wealth of experience in the provision of professional manufacturer and sound system installations. We partner with the industry’s leading sound manufactures to provide a diverse product range to suit all sized venues/applications and price points. Our client sectors include restaurants, bars nightclubs, social clubs retail, educational, governmental, hospitality organisations and beyond.

The process begins with a professional consultation with a senior engineer to clearly define your immediate and long term requirements. We will then provide three system options with variable price points. Using the best of today’s technical knowledge we can design a creative, imaginative system, bespoke to your specific requirements. At this point we encourage clients to visit our past installations and meet previous clients offering the peace of mind that you have not only selected the correct sound system but also a provider that will stand by any piece of work previously undertaken.

Once a system has been decided on, we provide lease finance options, which also provide a range of favourable tax benefits. As the mass majority of our range is carried as stock, installation begins immediately. Our Installations teams are always headed by a senior engineer, providing a single point of contact and the peace of mind for a trouble free installation.

Once the installation has been completed, we will rigorously test the system under working conditions and set fail-safes to ensure the system cannot be corrupted by user error. As additional safety net Blacka provide a range of same day support services. If you are presently considering a new installation, upgrading your present system or would simply like to discuss some options for the future, please contact us and we will be more than happy to provide a free consultation as your convenience. Blacka Acoustics also provides a vast range of lighting installations from stage to event lighting and much more.




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