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Oddest Bar Chorlton Manchester

The Venue:
Oddest Restaurant / Lounge Bar

411 Wilbraham Road Chorlton Manchester

July 2009

While music and dining seem ideally matched, many of the audio systems in restaurants deliver uneven sound coverage. The result is music that may be inaudible at one table and uncomfortably loud at another. Because a Blacka Acoustics sound system is engineered as a complete solution for your restaurant, sound coverage is even, operation is simple and the system is unobtrusive.

The Challenge:
Deliver foreground music in the main bar area derived from a juke box volumes controlled as not to interrupt dining conversation as well as in the public and private dining areas and provide patrons the ability to comfortably converse, then to be able to seamlessly go to the other end of the spectrum and cater to a nightclub style event at the weekends.

The Solution:

A combination of TFR 2501 and RF15 loudspeakers, Cloud 263 zone controller and DBX compression, limiters and crossovers, powered by QSC amplifiers.

The Result:
Music with detail and presence, unobtrusive equipment and easy-to-use controls for all of the audio applications. The versatile system provides high quality controllable sound dispersion throughout the venue with background music during early periods of the day and the capability to deliver  high-energy nightclub sound to patrons during the evening hours.

PERHAPS unusually for such a friendly, independently-minded operation it seems that the masterminds behind the much-loved Odd and the equally loved Odder are intent on nothing short of world domination

 Well, domination is perhaps a strong word. But from its beginnings in the Northern Quarter this particular Odd Squad have spread their influence, Don Corleone-like across town and now have arrived in Chorlton with the recent launch of Oddest. Is there no stopping them?

There’s the usual top-notch ales and beers, a jukebox from KingBee Records, tasty looking staples on the menu (sharing platters around the £10 mark, substantial sarnies around £6, kids meals too), the odd little touches that gave its older sibling its title and that ever-friendly vibe that they seem to have down to a tee - all of which means that unlike, for instance, The Godfather trilogy if you liked version one or two, you’ll be sure to like this third incarnation as well.

No detail overlooked
Blacka Acoustics worked closely with Oddest’s owners and architects in designing the sound system. "The owners and architects demanded a certain look," West says. "They were very particular about having the speakers blending into the surroundings in an unobtrusive way. The goal was for patrons to hear quality music without seeing big chunky speakers."

Craig West designed a solution that Cleo Farman says, "is the equivalent to a nightclub system with a much smaller footprint." "It was critical to have a system installed to accommodate high quality background music, yet still have the capacity to meet the entertainment demands of a 2 a.m. Manchester club crowd on a Saturday night," West says.

A complete audio solution that's easy to use

Blacka Acoustics created a solution built around Blacka Acoustics TFR 2501 Satellite loudspeakers, Blacka Acoustics RF15 bass loudspeakers, DBX compressor, limiter and crossover, QSC amplifiers and a Cloud 263 zone controller.

Blacka Acoustics TFR 2501 Satellite loudspeakers provide superior performance without the bulk of conventional professional speakers. The loudspeakers contain two proprietary 5-inch full-range drivers which reproduce vocals and acoustic instruments with clarity and detail. The RF15 provides a warm bass frequency during the quiet periods and a thumping bass line during club hours — a key factor for Oddest management.

"As usual with Craig the installation was smooth and efficient, said Farman Oddest co-owner.”But they know the bar business, they understand how we work, they spent a lot of time with us making sure the system was operating exactly as it should." And the team from Blacka Acoustics are there to support the system for Oddest. "The people at Oddest know they can call us any time of the day or night," West says. "And we have a great relationship with Blacka that allows us to quickly respond to customer needs. Our goal for them is not to have to think about the system, just enjoy it."

Results exceed expectations
With the Blacka system, Oddest gets the sound they want to enhance the customer experience in each area of the facility. "It's always a giveaway that the sound system is doing its job when people are up and singing and dancing," Farnham says. "Music and sound can absolutely drive the atmosphere here," Farnman says.

"You always have to be aware of sound levels, making sure people can talk to each other, but also making sure that when the music is pumping people are feeling it, moving to it."

All of which you can see just about any night of the week at Oddest.