Soundproofing Service for Bars, Nightclubs, Houses and Restaurants


A Professional Solution to a Serious Problem

The huge increase in city centre residential developments has combined with increasingly stringent environmental health laws to make the issue of noise control one that club and bar owners cannot ignore - unless they want to risk fines and the loss of their licence. With this in mind Blacka Acoustics has teamed up with Braiden Acoustics. They are an acoustic consultancy based in Greater Manchester providing an in-depth consultancy service covering noise control and sound proofing specifically designed for bars, nightclubs and entertainment venues.

Licensees worried about the impact that noise issues might have on their business can now request a professional consultation. A Braiden Acoustics specialist will visit their premises and conduct a series of tests to identify the exact nature of their noise problem. They’ll then prepare a full report on their findings, plus a detailed proposal on how any problems can either be avoided before they arise, or rectified.